Developing people and teams is critical to operational excellence and a competitive edge. We partner with our clients to provide condensed, cost-effective learning services that increase performance for every level, from the CEO to the hourly employees. Our support typically falls into one of three categories: People Development, Instructional Design or Consulting for Performance Improvement and can be in English and Spanish.

People Development

Success occurs when employees are aligned to their mission. We work with companies to close performance gaps by assessing the true root cause and developing/implementing an appropriate solution. Our training sessions are targeted to teach the missing behaviors. Some examples of our past projects are: Team-Building sessions using the Birkman Method, management development workshops, and career development seminars.

Instructional Design

Many performance interventions call for a unique solution to a problem, one that specifically targets the gap. These gaps can be in behaviors, compliance, communication or even strategy. We can design learning built for the client's specific need, learning that moves the behaviors towards the mission. We provide instructor-led learning, elearning or even documents like job aids or standard operating procedures. Click on the link to see our design process. Instructional Design Process.

Consulting for Performance Improvement

Sometimes our client is not sure what they need, but they know they are not hitting the mark. We partner with the client to walk along beside them to figure out the problem. We complete an analysis using operational metrics, other hard data, soft data like interviews and focus groups and leadership observations. We distill all the information and submit a proposal based on facts.